Did you know that solitude has a blend of different sounds?

Like a sound of,

‘A roaring waterfall beating away the stubborn bedrock.

A whoosh of damp breeze whistling across,

ensuing lush green surroundings to mingle with each other.

A harmonious choir of crickets icing the aura.

A thunderous warning by the clouds to pour out its heart.

A mesmerizing spray of the teenage drizzle plunging on the bridge despite the denial from its plethora.’

This kind of beauty makes no sense to me.

As my subconscious is indebted to nature to have numbed my senses to levels which go far beyond a fatigued human mind.

In the above scribble lies not just mere words, 

but an expression of the dazed numbness I witnessed,

by just admiring the green and not smoking one. 🙂

-Mehak Khajuria



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