Once upon a time there was a Cutie Pie, who was born to fly.

Laughter so loud, which could recoup people from the sigh.

Talent so ace, limit was just not the sky.

Sooner or later like the rest she too had to earn her daily bread,

juggling in the weary race we all dread.

She struggled day in and out,

camouflaging her heart which made a sullen pout.

She did indeed touch the sky,

tried to leave no stone unturned, if not, at least she gave it a try.

Perpetually she tried covering that one extra mile,

but least she realized in a course of time that she’d lost her petite smile.

Pronto there is hardly any sound of laughter so loud,

it is now wrapped with a daily livelihood shroud.

We all are born to fly, hence detach from all that weighs you down,

get rid of dying everyday before sundown.

-Mehak Khajuria

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