My question is not just to an individual but to the entire race who is part of only the litter to this environment.



This picture clicked by me in the backwaters of Alleppey a beautiful place in Kerela, India. This image instigated plethora of questions and a little ruckus, which I have expressed in form of a poetry.



Dear Fellow Homo Sapiens,

Were you the originator of this nature?

Or did the Big Bang explosion occur just to serve your malign interests?

Did this chastity deserve the spurt you left over it to rot?

Who gave you the right to soak in this serenity and shove the above non-biodegradable ductile?

Benevolently nature is so forgiving that it even digests your human condensed crap and makes something so impossibly beautiful out of it.

So to speak it wasn’t already enough, that you started treating nature like your personal bin?

Watch out before nature changes its course of behavior.

Won’t be an astonishment if you’re the substitution floating inverted instead of that piece of plastic.

-Mehak Khajuria


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