A leaf to the drop of rain,

“You caress my body and make me tremble as you softly trickle down my vein.

I welcome every ounce of you with open arms, feeling your contour on my smooth palms.

How I wish to engulf you in my treasury.

Though I know you stay here not for long.

I’ve to let you go as the water below longs for that single drop of rain which once softly trickled down my vein.”

Raindrop unwary to the leaf’s feelings gazes at the water below and goes,

“The clarity is so crystal-like, the reflection and reality look ambiguous to me.

I despair in confusion and wonder whether the gravity has changed its course of direction.

I glance at my cloudy source and then peek at the destiny, both are a carbon copy of each other.

As feeble as I am, I yet sink in its depth.”

The leaf witnesses the love-struck paralysis of the raindrop and endures,

“The fool is incognito of the fact that the destiny is just a mere reflection of its source.

And there you go dwindling in the water to reform into a being so consuming that you forget your own existence.

I couldn’t hold you back despite the branches.

Perhaps this is called the voodoo of “love” when the reality and reflection become delusional.

When you plunge like a mere raindrop subdued by the gravitational love of the water and you become a whole.

Well, the love you wanted was to consume you,

and mine was to let go off you.”

-Mehak Khajuria


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