We all take our own roads.

Some take the conventional, while some the twisted.

For some, it takes a snap, while for some a lifetime!

Despite, we all are destined to reach “there”.

Majority keeps moaning that they haven’t yet achieved their “there”.

As the path is unknown, yet we haul it.

And, then comes the “rational” clans, the “winners”, who’ve got it all sorted.

They apparently take the calculated risks before channeling the road,

anticipating their journey to be planned and less cumbersome.

Least they anticipate that uncertainty is the only certainty.

As there comes a time in everyone’s life when the answer to “WHAT, WHEN & WHY” is numbness.

This road is our life.

Keep walking, keep dodging the awry and the bent.

Cease to peek into other’s road and cease to judge their “there”.

As you know not the intricacy, the uphill battle and the labor it took them to conquer the peak and adhere.

-Mehak Khajuria


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