The Andamans: Heaven-Lock Island

The only reason people get lost in thought is because it’s unfamiliar territory.

                                                                                                                                        Paul Fix

The only reason people want to get lost is because it’s unfamiliar territory.

                                                                                                                  Mehak Khajuria

You can relate to either one of the above! And finally, I have returned after a long halt with my next write up. My sincere apologies for being so laid back, quarter end guys (my corporate friends would understand my plight).

After the breathtaking ferry ride, I finally set my foot on Havelock port. I seemed to just fit in there. Everybody was busy in their own small beautiful lifestyle, there was a nirvana in that place which embraced me. Despite the heat and sun beating its rays on me, there was a constant cool calm breeze within. Sigh, if I could go back!


Nevertheless, finding a place to stay in Havelock is not a very cumbersome task. There are a number of beautiful resorts (approx. 50) all around the place, you can either book it online on the adjacent link ( or consult the agent at the port itself.

However, we decided to stay at the Dolphin Resort, run by Tourism Department. Reservation can be secured from the Tourist Information Centre in the Directorate of Tourism at Port Blair by advance payment.

Cottages at Dolphin Resort, Havelock Island

It is, however, an apt location to stay in Havelock!. So, let me put it this way, how would you like to wake up with a view of sea waves just 100 metres ahead of you dancing on the white sand to and fro or how would you like an evening walk at the seashore noticing every drop of the wave shimmering under the moonlight? Magical isn’t it? This place was a wonder island consuming you with its beauty. How badly I want to go back! 😦

View from the cottage, Dolphin Resort, Havelock

And, not to forget the yummy food they served at the resort. I remember having a fish curry, fish tikka and some rice, but oh my god, it was EPIC. The taste ambushes your brain and especially the taste of spices and masala which wham inside your mouth make you wonder “WHAT THE F….ISH” ! :-D.

Yu-hum-wait for it -myyyyyyy

And despite the mouthwatering food, I kind of lost weight there, primarily because of the “fish” diet, the brimming ocean of spilling sweat and, of course, the strength training during swimming which involved retaliating the prevailing waves at Radhanagar beach, at times the waves would beat the shit out of me, but it was fun! :-D.

Waves at Radhanagar Beach (Also known as a Swimming Beach)

To travel across Havelock we hired a car, but honestly, this place is best roamed  around on bikes! Let the sun shine on you, let the sweat trickle down your body, let the salty humid breeze give you a “high”, let the palm groves and coconut trees guide you the way through the narrow roads, let the freedom abduct you, just LET IT GO, all of it! I am going back, I am so going back.


So, there are four beaches in Havelock. And, out of the four, all four are worth a visit and all four are unique in their own way. (I said four, four times!:-D, uhmm.. I just right now opened a position for an Editor; compensation: a lot of respect; perks: gets to go with me to the next trip and guess what, you will just pay for yourself, please contact me for further details. 😀 ) Having said that, now let me take you to the most kick-ass experience! Here we come Beaches!!!

Kalapather Beach

It is a silver sandy yet to be commercialised beach, around 12 km from Havelock and famous for its serene sunrise.


This beach can give you a feel of Adam and Eve or just Adam or Eve alone. :-D. As this one’s a loner, you’ll find yourself with the sand, greenery around and the sea, of course, no noise, just calm and peace around. This place is recommended for people who wish to get lost somewhere or for employees who wish to vanish before their company contract duration ends (not sure the legal dudes will find you here :-D), for writers, for artists and definitely for folks who are getting cold feet before their wedlock :-D. To the above category, I shall see you there soon! 😀

Vijaynagar Beach

I’d like to call this one “Mah Beach”, as I woke up every day witnessing this beautiful scenery in the front yard of my cottage at the Dolphin resort.It is surrounded by a long stretch of Mahua trees, which gives it a shady background, and a perfect venue for long walks. It is serene, that is the word for it, and waves call you to them, I was not hallucinating, trust me they allure you.

Vijaynagar Beach view from Dolphin Resort, Havelock Island

Suggestion for the non-swimmers, you might get dawned by the beauty of this beach and you might want to jump on or in it, but don’t go way too ahead, as you’ll be forever a part of this beach may be in the form of a shell, sand or perhaps the sea itself. Beauty is always mystified, it has it own way of drawing you towards it, and hypnotises you, hence the trance state. (Did I creep you out?) Well, this is my way of cautioning “Stay away from the sea during the night”!

Lost and Found! Dolphin Resort; Havelock Island

Having said that, I have a lot more content to share, but will scribble in the upcoming write-ups. Till then stay happy stay tuned!



10 thoughts on “The Andamans: Heaven-Lock Island

  1. Beastly Bull

    Waaaooo…..amazing…..superb……brilliant…. So ever w8 fr ur blogs to come…..such a valuable info for all….kp it up…cherrss lady…


  2. Srabani Duttaroy

    Mesmerizing … Truly… Loved the spontaniety of thoughts, as if you are alluring me personally. One quick thing… (I don’t really like to advise… Still), at the risk of sounding makemytripish, a little details on how you got there in unique Mehak style would have added some more zing! Waiting to read more 😉 Cheers


  3. Four beaches you mentioned, Vijaynagar, Kalapathar, Radhanagar….which is the fourth? Elephant beach?
    I stayed at Wild Orchid resort on Vijaynagar beach which is also a good resort….like you said all resorts are good! 😀

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