The Andamans: Havelock Island!

Havelock Island or I’d rather put it as “Heaven-lock Island”! Trust me I’ve been dying to write about this one. The reason I’ve termed it as “Heaven-lock Island” is that once  you go there you’d surely want to lock yourself up in this heavenly heaven.


This island is an effortless culmination of white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, lavish coral reefs surrounded by lush green forest. It is located 39 km of north-east of Port Blair. And yes, Havelock is indeed a show stopper of Andamans, and by the end of this blog you’d agree with me.

Awe-Struck Beauty!

How to reach?

By Ferry

  • Government ferry connects Phoenix Bay Jetty, Port Blair to Havelock daily at 0600, 1100 and 1400 hours
Government Ferry (Takes about 4 hours), Longer the ride, longer the excitement! 😀
  • Private luxury boats like Makruzz, Coastal Cruise, Green Ocean Ferry and Bhagya Express Ferry connects to Havelock daily as well
Private Speed Boats (takes about 2.5 hours)

By Air (Yup that’s right)

Civil Aviation Department of A&N operates Sea Plane and Helicopter services from Port Blair Airport to Havelock daily!

Sea Plane from Port Blair Airport. Please please please board this one! I’ll board it on my next trip. 😀
Helicopter service

Approximate time taken by Ferry is 4 hours and speed boat takes about 2.5 hours to Havelock. The commuting options to this island itself create an excitement which blurs your thoughts and insides of tummy starts performing continuous summersaults!

The Ferry Ride

We chose the ferry ride (Hail Indian Government!) 🙂 to Havelock. And good lord, it was beyond BEAUTY-FULL. We were given a comfortable air-conditioned cabin inside the ferry as the constant sweat refused to subside. But then who cares about the perspiration when there was a magnificent sea waiting outside for inspiration. :-D. (A lame Rhyme). I got out of the cabin, took the stairs which led me to the top floor of the ferry near Captain’s deck. And what I saw cannot be comprehended in few words. I was 360 degree surrounded by the blue, beautiful sea below and clear sky above. The pleasant sea breeze gushed through my face and caressed the sweat off my awe-struck face.

I was totally stoned (was it the seaweed? : -D) The dude behind me funded the entire trip, yup my dad! 😀

Suddenly I felt like dissolved in this mystified allure above, beyond, left, right, centre and around me, a mute background rhythm started playing in my mind which synchronised with the wavy ride. It was sunny and warm, but I had never seen anything so breathtaking with my bare eyes until then! It was a different kind of “high”, something like when everything around you (the wind, the waves, the breeze, the ferry) is moving in a rhythmic pattern and your mind is still, numb, quite, dazed and amazed! I was standing there like a flabbergasted paralysed species. I fell in love with the journey more than the destination.

Shehh, I really took myself back there, feel like going back again! Okay, back to the blog, and after 4 hours of tripping ride, we finally reached THE HAVELOCK ISLAND!

The Havelock Island

Havelock Island Jetty

Although I was already dazed throughout my journey, however, this place did not leave any stone unturned (I’d say sand in this case, as the beaches in Havelock bear no stones, yes no stones, just the soft white sand!) to astonish me with its awe-struck beauty all around.

From the beaches (Radhanagar, Vijaynagar, Elephant & Kalapather) to the restaurants (Barefoot Bar & Brasserie, Wild Orchid, Blackbeard’s Bistro etc.) to the water sports (Banana boat ride, sea scooters etc.) to scuba diving, snorkelling etc., all of the above conquered a place in my head and heart which shall never circumvent ever!

And, I do have a plan to write my heart out about each of the above, but, in the coming blogs. :-D. Let me keep it short and simple, as any kind of overdose it not good for health! ;-). Till then stay tuned!






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