Wanderlust, Voyage, Expedition, Ramble etc..

It is the 5th of January 2016 and clock says 3:19 PM. Why am I writing on a weekday is because I have taken work from home. (A culture in MNC where you can take your work home and work like actually work). You must be wondering am I a blogger? Nah, not yet, although looking forward to writing some really interesting stuff, stuff which speaks my heart out, stuff which makes sense, at times senseless as well and stuff which is not monotonous.

Having said that, There are a kind of people who are “Born to Leave”, people who cannot manage to stick around, they need a regular change, a refreshing break, a mind-blowing ride with different people, witness their culture, try their exquisite cuisines and much more, the quest never ends!

And if those segment of people are made to sit in four by four cubicle and asked to create billion dollar reports, they will do so for money! But eventually maybe a few years down the line, the hunger for the mutation will increase, and going forward, they will end up doing what I am about to do! πŸ˜€

Being an Army kid, hell yeah I am born to leave! I have traveled across India, and I would take as much pride in the fact that I have actually traveled the real India. Well, let me explain! I am not talking about metropolitans like Delhi, Bangalore or Kolkata. I am talking about places like Tawang, Bomdila, Bum La Pass in the northeast to Dharamshala, Chamba, Mc Leod Ganj in the Himachal and many more. These are the actual untouched, pure, poised and beautiful scenic beauties! Trust me, you do not need to get high anymore once you visit these places, as they have their own personal and natural brand of “Tripping” in them. Cold yet soothing breeze gushing through the fresh snow and kissing every inch of your skin is altogether a new experience.

Image courtesy: Neeraj Sharma (A dear friend of mine)

So, without wasting any more time, I will be posting some blogs related to my recent travels to these heavenly places. Also, I would be listing the best source of transport, best affordable places to stay, mouth watering dishes which are a must have and like I said the “Quest Never Ends”.

……Coming Soon

Mehak Khajuria

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